Thrift and TAroT in CRanston, RI

The Bright Side RI is Combining the magic of old things with Metaphysical proficiency, and mixing it with art.
A personal boutique Shopping Experience or a Reading with Jae time at the Bright Side RI is refreshing and fun.

Tarot & Oracle Readings

Tarot Readings at the Bright Side RI can help shed some light on where you might feel stuck, or anxious. Tarot Readings can help confirm your own intuition, or surprise you with messages. Tarot Readings at The Bright Side RI are done in an ever changing setting. Almost everything at the Bright Side RI is for sale, because the Bright Side RI is a thrift store as well as a tarot studio! Readings can be done virtually or in person in Cranston, RI. Virtual or in person the Tarot Reading will contain many decks of cards, the current astrological influence and presents of course!

Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings at The Bright Side RI can change your life. Each of us is born at a certain time stamping our time here on Earth in the sky. Each planet represents an aspect of the individuals personality.
Astrology can help you see yourself, and your life from a place that finally makes sense. It can help explain many of the "why am I like this?" questions, and give you a better understanding about how to seek change.

Vintage Shop

I have spent a lot of time gathering up left behind treasures and am always so excited to find these new to you items their forever homes. From Nostalgic, to next level fun there is something for you in the vintage shop at the Bright Side RI. Clothes, first edition books, trinkets, and art. You never know what Thrifty, vintage find is waiting for you in the thrift store section of this Cranston, RI local business, Cant get in to shop? follow the link to the etsy shop for a small preview of whats in store.

Hi, I'm Jae

I live astrology first -meaning I consider it like a person would consider the weather. I consider it in all my interpersonal relationships, including the one with myself.  I believe that understanding why something is makes it much easier to work with in this life. also believe that having a Tarot reading now and then can really help you see what you need to change in your life to start simply becoming who you are.I love to go estate saleing and listen to the house and things inside. I love to hear the stories of family members and their loved ones past.I love to pick up the objects who want me to somehow play a role in finding them their next life, and I have put those all in my shop in Cranston RI-Where vintage shop meets Tarot Studio.

My readings are $75 per hour and include Astrology, Tarot, Reiki, Channeling and oracle card readings. They can be done in person and online.

Shopping is done by Appointment just click the link to shop in person and request your day and time. 

So why wait? Visit me at The Bright Side RI  and let me guide you on your way  towards being ok  with being yourself, or at least have a little old fashion retail therapy.