Vintage Shop Meets Metaphysical Studio in Cranston, RI

The Bright Side Ri is not only a well curated Vintage Shop in the heart of the Oaklawn Area of Cranston, RI it is also the Metaphysical Practice of Jae Arel who uses her skills as a , Tarot Reader, Energy Worker and Astrologer to help guide you to the Brighter Side of Life by seeing the Truth of the reality that is the human existence.

Tarot, Oracle and Astrology Readings

Tarot Readings at the Brightside RI tend to tell you what you need to hear. Tarot is a great tool for self exploration and working with your intuition. Tarot readings can focus on a specific question but will go on to talk about what the cards want to say- not necessarily the questions asked. Tarot Readings can give you a birds eye view of your current situation and help you evaluate your motives for the way through. They can only offer advice for how the situation is currently and can not predict the future with total accuracy because the world is an ever changing environment. The Tarot can shed a light on what might need changing to help you accomplish your goals, or may alert you to change directions all together. Astrology tends to teach that your life purpose is supposed to feel hard. It tends to show you that you aren't meant to get to the end of anything, do anything perfectly. Youre just supposed to be enjoying your human experience while learning lessons in certain astrological areas. Astrology readings can give guidance on how a person feels, act, and speaks in the world and offer the road map to alter any ways that have not been working. Astrology can offer a more understanding perspective of yourself and the people in your life. It can help you understand your reactions, your fears and your feelings, but it wont take any of those away from you. It will only give you a tool box of ways to help manage these things.

Reiki and Crystal Healing

A Reiki session is a gentle, non-invasive healing practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and fosters overall well-being. During the session, you typically lie down fully clothed on a comfortable surface, such as a massage table. The Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on or just above your body, channeling universal life energy (chi) into you. This energy flow is believed to realign and clear blockages in your energy pathways, enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal itself. The atmosphere during a Reiki session is tranquil and meditative, often with soft lighting and calming music, which helps create a deeply relaxing environment. People often report feeling warmth or tingling sensations where the practitioner’s hands are positioned, along with a profound sense of peace and well-being. A Reiki session can be a spiritual experience for some, providing emotional release and a heightened sense of clarity. Whether you’re grappling with physical pain, emotional stress, or seeking spiritual growth, Reiki offers a holistic approach to healing that nurtures both body and mind.

Vintage Shop

The Shop is brimming with new to you vintage finds! Come in during our store hours and shop the array of well curated items in this Cranston Ri vintage shop. From old fashion iconic pieces to that set of dishes from your Grandmas house the Bright Side RI has all the vintage items you could ever dream of adding to your very own collection. Hollywood Regency, Goose and Duck Lovers come one come all to this Vintage treasure trove hiding away in Cranston, RI. Upcycled Tresures find new life at the Bright Side RI, and we usually have some kind of fun art project and picture spot going on all inspired by these Vintage Treasures! So many fun grab bags and mystery shopping items at the Bright Side you will not only leave with new to you vintage item you will be working our your intuitive muscles!

Jae Arel

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Tarot and Astrology offer insight but are in no way a replacement for mental or medical intervention and should be considered for your entertainment.

Reiki and Crystal Energy Healing should be used in conjunction of treatment and are meant for relaxation and self care.

The truths of a birth chart reading or tarot reading can be hard to hear but here at the Bright Side RI we tend to look at even the hardest transits as a positive.