Jae Arel

Meet Jae

Jae has been studying metaphysical arts for over nine years, but long before then, she was connected to a place she never knew how to explain. Life led her to friendships that would help her blossom her intuition into the well-connected, grounded, message-giver she is these days.  

She spends, and spent many hours dedicated to the practice of  studying astrology, reading the tarot , and examining her reactions to the world around her.

Knowing how hard, sad, and exhausting learning to follow your intuition could be she decided to open up Shop instead of just offering readings online in  October of 2022

This Rhody native discovered esate saeling in a way to reduce her carbon footprint and has been rescuing lost objects since. 

Bringing, in her love of vintage, was a natural event as the studio space is now transformed into a vintage showroom filled with trinkets and treasures from the past waiting to find their new homes. 

Jae is a firm believer that everyone has magic and the ability to read energy and cards.  The entire reason she herself started reading was to save some money on readings!  With a little time, effort and tutoring anyone can use their intuition to interrupt messages. Maybe you just need a little tutoring!  This service is offered by Jae at the Bright Side RI!

Jae is a Leo Sun, Gemini Moon, Libra Rising, Leo Venus, Scorpio Mars, Mercury Virgo who grew up a catholic school girl and this helped and devastated her as a grown up. It devasted her because her childhood faith no longer suited her, but helped as she gave up her old ideas of religion and reconnected with her favorite ascended master and his band of merry angels and friends. 

When she is not studying, learning a new healing modality, or practicing  she can be found snuggled up in her bed reading or watching old Sasha Banks Matches.

An avid artist Jae loves to be creative and make art! For nothing more than a simple photo booth opportunity on a random Wednesday or for snail mail gifts for her friends and family. 

She could watch Supernatural over and over and over again #teamdean Her husband often mentions that Supernatural makes her laugh louder than any other show he has seen her watch. She knows this is because Dean Winchester is a perfect character.

This mom of three fur and human kids stays busy when she is not at the Bright Side, RI. You can find her working at the family business Black Door Creative.

Her fav non work hobbies are napping, baking, stretching, and listening to all her well-curated Spotify playlists.