Reiki in Rhode Island

An Experience

Feeling stuck, needing more me time? Either way, Energy Work at the Bright Side RI has you covered. Reiki sessions keep you feeling relaxed and recharged, or maybe you are looking to dig deeper into your shadow work or inner child practice and need a session that combines Reiki with Polarity Therapy, or how about a nice mellow Crystal healing session?

Reiki: $70 for a 60 min

Energy Work: $160 90min

Crystal Healing $60 for 60min

 Energy Work always includes a specific reading to help with energy work.  Mini Readings can be added to a Crystal or Reiki session for an additional $40 charge. 


I received my Reiki level two certification and then found Polarity Therapy. After this training, I began to take clients, and as soon as my hands went into the first position, I was transported into a new world.

From past lives to baby memories, I seem to go down a path all its own to uncover places that are holding up energy and causing issues.

A session with me is for illumination, not fixing, Mostly because none of us are broken, but it does help to know what keeps blocking you from change. 


Feel free to contact me for more info or to book a reading and session.


”Sometimes it’s not about fixing anything; it’s just about having someone see it there with you so you can practice acceptance without feeling alone.”