Jae Arel

Vintage Meets Metaphysical

Step into the Bright Side RI in Cranston RI, and experience the magic of Tarot Card readings. 

Our sessions last over  a little over an hour and are sure to bring tears, of relief, of sorrow,  of joy, or clarity, 

Through the cards, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on life and open yourself up to the power of receiving tough love when needed. With over nine years of experience, I am honored to guide you on your journey and help you tap into your inner energy.

Tarot Readings are $120.00 for first time clients or restablishing client.  $80 for seasonal clients. Sessions are usually 90 min online or in person.

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Not Just Tarot

My Tarot readings incorporate more than just tarot; I utilize my intuition and an assortment of cards, including oracle cards, angel cards, homemade cards, collage cards, and more. Additionally, all of my readings consist of the current astrological atmosphere, your astrological placements, and the placements of others in your life. 

Tarot Readings are a reverent practice that helps link a person to their own intuition and ability to talk to their own team of spirits and their passed-on loved ones.  

Tarot Readings with Jae Arel are often something you need to hear that you know you did, but maybe you didn’t want to, and somehow you end up leaving empowered and ready for the steps ahead. 


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Tarot Tutoring

Looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of Tarot or seeking guidance to overcome obstacles in your practice? Get professional assistance from Bright Side Ri to embark on a fulfilling journey through the world of Tarot. With structured lesson plans for each card, and engaging Q&A sessions, mastering the art of Tarot reading for self and others is within reach.

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